Friday, December 7, 2012

Hello Christmas Time :)

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Christmas?


If I hadn't already made my Christmas cards, this pic would have been in the running...........

He's a little monster and a model rolled all into one.  I don't know how many of you out there have pets and brought home newborns, but I can only assume I'm not going crazy for being worried.  This creep into my head like, what if he tries to jump in the pack and play while the baby is in there and knocks it over or puts holes in the sides.  What if he tries to get in the crib and suffocate the baby? Not that he would do it on purpose, William is just a cuddler at heart :) I'm sure everything will be fine, just need to keep an eye on him in the beginning.

Here are a few of my other fav. Christmas decorations:

I bet you can guess who the little stocking is for and it isn't William :)

Fun thing #2 we recently did as I mentioned in a previous post was BUILD THE CRIB! Our wonderful friend Matt helped us get the stuff from babies R us and up the stairs. It was quite an accomplishment, those things did not look light. So once we got everything upstairs Chris and I got started and put it all together.

William is definitely curious about the new furniture smells and after changing the room around several times I think I'm happy where the two main pieces are to start.  We even have a mattress! Now all we need is a baby :) and I guess a few other things wouldn't hurt.  I also bought big letters of baby girl's name to hang on the wall.  I haven't decided if I want to paint them, wrap them in yarn, or leave them white. We'll see!  

We have been very busy and even ordered blinds for the downstairs/baby room/master bathroom today.  It was actually from a field hockey friend's dad, so hopefully within the next week or two we will have 1 more thing crossed off of our list.  I do love to be proactive and plan ahead. I think I'm doing a good job so far, because what I hear is once baby arrives that all goes out the window.  I hope not!

Well,  tonight starts the holiday festivities of the month.  We have a Christmas party for our community this evening (should be awkward enough) then Christmas Party tomorrow with friends. Very excited for the second one.  Then Sunday it's shopping with Mom and Savy (my niece AKA love of my LIFE)  I'll be sure to post pics of her soon enough.  Can't wait to give her a little cousin to boss around!

Until next time...............

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