Monday, September 24, 2012

Cravings??? Yeah Right

I know I already blogged today, but lunch just passed and I feel as though I should inform you all on a little secret of pregnancy. Before I got pregnant I used to be so excited to be able to eat all the time and not have to apologize for it. Little did I know I wouldn't WANT to eat!!!!

No, I don't have morning sickness to the point where I puke. You wanna know what I think is worse than puking? Feeling like you're gonna puke all the time and nothing EVER HAPPENING! That just makes me feel like I'm complaining for no reason.

No, I don't crave anything.

You know what I do though? Find most food un-appetizing. Worst part is that it is normally at dinner. I could not tell you the last full dinner meal I had and as of today, it seems like lunch isn't too far behind.

I hate how nothing sounds good. The best thing I ate all week for dinner was a bowl of noodles and broth my mother made me when I was home this weekend. Apparently she made this homemade broth and one of the ingredients was ketchup. Glad I didn't know that before I ate it, because ignorance is bliss and it tasted delicious.

Last night I made what looked like a delicious meal of breaded thin cut pork chops, baked macaroni and cheese, and green beans. Wanna know what I ate? GREEN BEANS!

I'm hoping that even though I don't have the "full fledged" morning sickness, this annoyance with food goes away soon!

Yes, I'm complaining. It makes me feel better to get it out. I have a feeling this won't be the last petty rant I have. :)

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