Monday, September 17, 2012

9 Weeks and 1 Day

 How far along? 9 Weeks, 1 Days
Total weight gain/loss: Probably 0 - 3 lbs.
Maternity clothes? Not yet
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep: Sleep is not so bad this week. Have naps when possible but falling asleep pretty easily.
Best moment this week: Telling more people :) - Still :)
Have you told family and friends: Telling more and more people as the days pass. I'm planning on telling the rest of my family (aunts/uncles/gmom) on the 22nd. I'm scared it's going to get out on Facebook though, which I don't want, so I've been thinking about deactivating my account too.- SAME as last week
Miss Anything? Being carefree :)
Movement: Not yet
Food cravings: Not Really, I don't want to eat more things than I want to eat.
Anything making you queasy or sick: If I get too hungry I feel awful and queasy and sick.
Have you started to show yet: not yet, but I feel fat already
Gender prediction: Still have the girl feeling.
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy
Weekly Wisdom: Relax, breathe, take one day at a time <-- Still sticking with this one!
Looking forward to: Telling more and more people.

So I missed Week 8 pic, but I made a Week 9 pic............. :) I think I'm getting better at my Chalkboard designs.

I also think I might switch up my questionnaire next week as I think I answer the questions the same most weeks. :)
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