Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What's in a Name?

Looking back through pregnancy #1, I noticed that we revealed the name at 24 weeks.  We aren't keeping it a secret this time and since I haven't said it yet and I'm almost 24 weeks, here is the name:


We went a little more traditional this time around, naming the baby after our fathers.  Two of the best men we know.  Matthew is my dad and Francis (Frank) is DH's dad.  Francis is also DH's middle name, so now we both will have little mini me's (in the sense of middle names anyway).

To update on Emma's current condition....turns out she has an ear infection and doctor thinks seasonal allergies are playing a part as well.  She back on the antibiotic she's been on before for ear infections and also taking an allergy medicine.  This morning she woke up with two eyes that could open, so I'd call the medicine a success.  There was still goup, but definitely not as much.

Best thing in life is now when I say "give baby kissy", emma throws her mouth on my belly to give it kisses.  NEVER GETS OLD!

Weighed her yesterday at the doctor too and she's 24 lbs already!  Then I got on the scale just to see. If I'm right, I gained 2 more pounds, but I was holding Emma and trying to do the math...who knows.

Until next time :)
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