Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Current Obsession


1 serving of Oikos Vanilla Greek Yogurt
Cut Up Strawberries

Mix them together and you'll feel like you're eating a decedent dessert!

PS. Dear Baby Boy,  I love your kicks and wiggles, but if you could tone it down (just a little), momma would appreciate it.  - and next week I'll be dying because he isn't moving as much, ha!

So officially taking Emma to the pediatrician today since I had to pry her eyes open this morning due to the fact they were stuck together with EYE BOOGERS!! GROSS!

It's so funny, you read the internet with your child's symptoms and always someone says it's very very serious and then the doctor said we could either wait it out (after telling them all her symptoms) or bring her in.  Gotta bring her in just to be safe, but this little girl is seriously trying to break me.  It's always something, but then on the same note, it's really nothing!  we are so lucky with our baby girl. It's hard to see how lucky we are in we are prying eye lids open, but thank you jesus for my healthy spunky cheeky (in the words of peppa pig) little love button.

Man this pregnancy is really amping up the corniness!

PSS. Yesterday we changed the curtains in Emma's NEW ROOM to start and get things ready.  We are moving things out little by little and soon my dad and I will be redoing baby boy's dresser in the coming weeks.  We can't seem to find bedding we like yet, so we keep on looking.  We are leaning towards sports themed, but I don't want anything too out there. Who knows.

Until next time.
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