Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Growing up...............

My little baby isn't a little baby anymore.  She's moving out of the Kitten Room into the Jungle Room in school!!! It even sounds more grown up.  They are transitioning to these cute little cots instead of cribs and moving to 1 long afternoon nap from 2 naps.  True Emma might not be COMPLETELY ready, but are we ever completely ready for the changes in our lives?  

Yesterday was Day #1 of the new trial.  She decided to fall asleep at 11 and sleep in her crib.  GOOD FOR YOU EMMA!  DAMN THE MAN :)  She did sleep for 3 1/2 hours and came home in a good mood, maybe a little tired, but had a great night and slept from 7 to 630.  So I'm not complaining :)

She definitely needs her allergy medicine at night these days.  She just seems to be more comfortable at night when she has it, and I hear the allergies are very bad right now.  Fortunately I'm not really a bad sufferer of seasonal allergies, but DH is and it is definitely obvious when they are in full force!

Emma is also getting so smart these days.  I can now say "are you hungry? get in your chair" and she goes right over to her high chair for food.  She is babbling up a cute little storm and says Hi and waves (when she feels like it).  Her face LIGHTS UP when I walk in to pick her up now, which melts my heart every day and it lights up again when she sees DH when we get home.  She's just great :)

On a slightly bummier note, I've definitely been feeling very large these days.  I know everyone is different and I gained almost 60 pounds with Emma, but lost the first 40 in like 6 weeks. (never lost the last 10, haha).  It's just easy to feel FAT sometimes, especially when you have two babies in two years  and not so easy to tell people that you don't wanna hear you aren't fat.  I mean it's nice, but it doesn't help.  I'd rather hear nothing at all about my weight.  I'd rather hear, you look exactly like a 6 month pregnant woman should look like.  I don't need to look great or cute, just regular.  :)  Too much to ask? 

But look at that face..........she was worth every pound and so much more, my little love muffin :)  
Oh yeah, he's pretty cute too ;)

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