Thursday, June 26, 2014

100 Days left!

O-M-G!  100 days!!!! Sounds like a lot to some, sounds like a little to me at the moment.  We will be in double digits tomorrow.

Last time I had 100 days left of pregnancy it was January, so I was the perfect temp for the cold weather. It's now late June and 80's to 90's every day, so a little less comfortable for a momma bear.

This weekend is the big room move!  I'll try to take lots of pics, but I probably wont :)  The goal is to get Emma's room completely set up and get a good start on Matthew's room.  This will give Emma lots of time to get used to her new room before she has to get used to her new brother!

My mom and dad are coming down to help out.  Mom will be watching Emma while dad and I and Chris will be working on the rooms.

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this before but I have CRAZY dreams almost every night that are very vivid and I normally remember.   Last night I had a dream that Matthew was kicking so hard, I could see his whole leg.  It was weird and gross and a bad dream, but crazy all the same.

Kind of excited for tomorrow.  I"m going to my first MOMMY MEETUP!  I absolutely love meeting new people and joining things.  So I decided to give this group a try and they have a million meetups for different things.  Tomorrow is called Baby Talk at the mall.  I have no idea what to expect, but there are 5 other moms going and by reading their profiles, at least 2 of them have kids within 2 months of Emma.  I'll definitely let you know how it goes. I'm very optimistic.

When I first moved to baltimore I joined "girls in the city" and "junior league".  Both good expereiences in their own right.  Then I joined kickball and softball and decided those were where my time was best spent.

Then next weekend is already 4th of July!  Where are the days going?  ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Tonight I'm meeting up with my girlfriend for dinner at her house.  1 pro about being the pregnant one is people normally ask you what you are craving, then they make it for you, case in point, tonight I get to have one of her DELICIOUS QUICHES!  I can not wait.

Another exciting piece of news is Emma can say more in sign language.  I'm actually not a HUGE fan of baby sign language.  Maybe I'm old school, but I just like them to go right to talking, but it is SOOOO CUTE!  Whenever she's in her chair, we say MORE?  and do the sign, and she does it back when she wants more.  I love it.

She has another ear infection, which isn't a good thing, but at least it gives an explanation to the coughing ALL NIGHT for the past week. Hoping the antibiotics kick in and this kid kicks this thing once and for all!  We have been going to the pool a few times and she loves the baby pool.  It is so fun to see her laugh and smile, but so scary when she wants to walk in the water by herself.

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