Sunday, November 25, 2012



We are back from a week in Mexico.  It was AMAZING, WONDERFUL AND PERFECT! The weather was beautiful 90% of the time. The food was good and the pool was very refreshing!  Here are some pics


 They had very nice day beds right on the beach to lay in...I liked that there was always a chair to sit in somewhere, never over crowded.

 Lots of fun Wildlife to look at.

 Belly Shot :)

 This is the day we saw a stingray in the ocean and the last day i got in the ocean :)

 Did I mention the food was great? Well the desserts were AMAZING!
 These are coati.  Kind of freaked me out, but they were really harmless and cute.

 This is the day Chris and I walked to this lagoon he found. It was the best thing all week.  Crystal clear water with fish everywhere and sandbars that went out very far to walk and sit on.  LOVED IT!

 Watched the Mayan Show and got our pics taken with the performers.  It was fun.

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