Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We are Officially in the Teens!!!!!!!!!!!

Only 19 days until my original due date!!!!  Which means I better have this baby sooner than 19 days from now!

When I got into work this morning I took my entire desk area and moved it into the office next to me.  I'm going to need some privacy when I come back to work for when I pump, so it was a necessary evil at some point, but I just really got motivated to do it.  Could this be nesting?

Nesting at work? Why does that depress me? hahaha.

DH graciously vacuumed the entire house yesterday (all 3 floors) so now would be a perfect time for her arrival. We even decided to eat our first Let's Dish meal, we are ready - BOTH OF US!

Anyway,  this stupid rash is awful, because I can't even rub my belly like I used to or else a massive itchy/scratch session will emerge.  And sleep?  Don't even get me started.  Last night I went to bed sitting up, just to give my hips a break, lol.  That didn't last long.

I've been taking walk after walk after walk and bouncing on my ball for minutes on end. I pray that when I go to the doctor they will tell me I am progressing.

I went to the sandwich shop next door for chips yesterday and the guy behind the counter goes "how many minutes you got left?"  Assuming it couldn't be days as I am so big........idiot. haha Clever though.

She's still moving all around and it's so hard to explain that it's not that I hate being pregnant (although I am over it) I just WANT TO HOLD HER SO BAD!  IN MY ARMS, IN PERSON, Looking into her eyes. Loving and kissing her.  IT'S TORTURE!

Until next time.....
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