Monday, April 1, 2013


So, I told you about birchbox, now it's time to get to the good stuff. is the website.  After I found birchbox through another blog, I decided to search for subscription boxes, because they are fun and inexpensive.  I don't remember exactly how I found this one, but it got great reviews and very little negative comments.  

I really like this one, because you take a beauty quiz and you can specifically say you don't want things, for example I wanted nothing to do with eyebrows. I barely keep mine manicured let alone using brushes and colors on them. I also vetoed blushes, because that is just not my thing.

So I sent away and this is what came in the mail about 2-3 weeks later...

True, box isn't as "cute" as birchbox box, but let's see what is inside....

 After the cute thank you, they give you a card that tells you a little bit more about them.

They do also give you samples in addition to the full size makeup products you want.  This is a skincare line..

They also send you a thank you gift for subscribing

I assumed it would be either something I wouldn't use, or something I would use in a color I didn't like. I WAS WRONG!

Very cute!

So then they give you a sheet with everything that was included and a description about it and they give you style tips as well, which I find cute and helpful!
The main event!

I got:

1. Be a Bombshell - Eyeshadow - Color = Starstruck (Dark Purple)
2. Be a Bombshell - Mascara - Color = Onyx
3. Color Club - Nail Polish - Color = He Loves Me (pink)
4. Lavera - Organic Lip Gloss - Color = Almond Kiss
5. Cailyn Cosmetics - Liquid Eye Liner - Color = Black
6. Real Techniques - Kabuki Brush

So I decided to do a little research and see how much all this stuff retails for (they give you retail prices, but I like to find my own) I started on amazon, because I figured that would be the cheapest place to find most stuff first :

The whole box cost me $36
1. $14.00  2. $15.00  3. $8.00  4. $18.95 5. $21.99 6. $9.98 TOTAL = $87.92  (60% DISCOUNT) 

+ Free give $22.00 - New Total = $109.92 (68% Discount)

So yes, this was DEFINITELY WORTH IT.  And honestly even if you save a lot of money, if you don't like the products, than it sucks, but I love all the colors and truth be told, i've never used liquid eye liner before, but I tried it, and it was easy to use and I did like it.  

I don't think I need this subscription for a whole year or anything, but lets just see what next month brings...


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