Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Emma Jean Moher

So, I'm back :)  Probably not as back as I want to be and won't be posting as often for a while, but wanted to share some pics of the babe.

Emma Jean Moher was born at 8:44am on Friday morning, April 12th, 2013. We got induced on Thursday night and ended up having a c-section the next morning.  Baby and mommy didn't like the pitocin too much. Baby's heart rate when pretty low and mommy's blood pressure dropped to about 80/50 at one point.

The doctors were AMAZING! from start to finish I don't know how I could have done it without as much support as I got.

Grammy Smith was there when baby was born and daddy was first to hold her.

I'll be sharing more later, but here are a few pics....

Hello world

Daddy and Emma (he held her first)

Grammy and Grandpop Smith

Uncle Jason


Grandmom and Grandpop Moher

Aunt Brook

 Uncle Dan and Aunt Amanda

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