Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Matthew is growing up! :(

So last week, my cousin came and stayed with us. We were sitting down having a nice chat and I happened to glance at the monitor......Matthew was not in his crib.  At first I assume he has huddled into a corner for the night, which wouldn't be crazy, but as I scan the camera all around, all I see is a little foot leaving the screen area out of sight.


Running upstairs with a slight scream, I catch Matthew as he is on top of his changing table about to descend his crib head first onto the floor.

Then it hits me....he needs a toddler bed.

Am I ready for this?  Well, ready or not, we did it on Saturday. It's official, I have no cribs in my house any more. WAHHHHHHHHH,HHHH!

If I look at these past 3 nights objectively, I would say he's doing very very well. He's gotten up several times, but normally goes right back down for another few hours.

Last night after I put him down, he made it to 1:30am. He woke up and cried for me, then after I put him back down he slept until 6am. I'd say that's pretty good. I added an additional nightlight to his room, because for some reason when he wakes up, he immediately turns off his air purifier, which also acts as a night light, so his room would get pitch black.  I have no idea why he does that, but the good news is, I know this is just a phase, and he'll eventually grow out of it. Like I said, he's doing well and I have to remind myself it could be A LOT WORSE!

Diner en Blanc was AMAZING! I found a $10 dress at Kohls and had such an amazing time with my friend. It was at the Philadelphia Art Museum, right on the steps. I'm hoping this isn't my last time.

I haven't done much for the big #2 birthday yet, besides send out invitations. I have no idea what I'm serving or how I'm decorating. Fortunately, I don't think he'll care too much, as long as there is cake.

Emma just started in her Preschool room at school.  I have to admit, it was kind of sad dropping her off today. New teacher and new friends, none of her other friends that started with her were there yet. I know she'll be fine, but if this is how I feel for preschool, I have no idea how I'm going to make it through sending her to an actual school!!!!!

This morning Emma woke up around 545. I brought her into bed with me and even turned off my alarm for workout. I decided a kiddie snuggle was what I was interested in this morning. It was so nice to take my time in the morning with the kids and not rush. I need to do that more and hopefully I will be able to more at some point. Even when Matthew was freaking out, I knew why, and he had a point. (we didn't have normal breakfast stuff because I'm trying not to go shopping before Labor day). So we worked with what we had and he got over it. (graham cracker for breakfast anyone?)

I love my babies. I love my husband. I'm lucky to have someone that I miss when they are gone.

I'm lucky to have a BFF who's also my dear diary when I'm being weird. Because I am weird.....often :)

Well, that was all over the place, but so is life....Until next time :)

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