Wednesday, September 17, 2014

#1 Guilty Pleasure

My absolute #1 guilty pleasure is BRAVO TV!!!!!!!!!!  If DH actually reads this post, I'd be highly surprised!

Real Housewives

Below Deck

Million Dollar Listing

Top Chef

Don't be Tardy


DH absolutely HATES it, but let's just say I'm not a huge fan of his viewing pleasures at times as well.  No bravo?  Then no simpsons, no southpark, no neil young concerts on tv. lol

So, let's get down to the important stuff...

Real Housewives is a must.  DC was actually my favorite.  I LOVED Cat Ommaney!!!! I even read her book.  Unfortunately it didn't last long.  DH and I were driving home and stopped at the rest stop right near the DE border and saw Stacie Turner and her family.  I wanted to go over soooo bad!  Instead I stared :)

Orange County and New York are my next favs.  Tamra's going crazy and Vicki is getting better and better.  Of all the newcomers, I love Shannon the most.  I like Lizzie, but Heather is falling in my favs category each season.  She's definitely a little too much into herself.

I actually wasn't into NY in the first few seasons with Bethany, but now I am obsessed!  I like them all, except Ramona and Sonja are pretty much insane!!!  For my 30th, my sister bought me a bottle of Ramona Pinot!!!!! Waiting for baby to come out so I can pop that baby open.  Only those who agree in the obsession of Ramona Pinot! (i'm talking to you Julie!)

Now onto Below Deck.  It's a newer show, only in it's second season....I love to hate pretty much all of the characters except Eddie and he's from Baltimore!!!  They are just all so whiney it drives me nuts, but I can't get enough of it!

I am more into Million Dollar Listing NY.  I watched LA, but not as good.  I have a slight obsession/crush on Fredrik Euklund.  True he's happily married to a beautiful man, but then again, so am I. HAHAHA. Ryan's annoying and Luis needs to man up a little, but I love it.

I only watched Top Chef last season and it was good, but I'm never upset to miss an episode and Don't be Tardy is really only watched in rerun form.  I love Kroy and Kim, but her daughters are just a little much for me, which turns me off.

Well, that's my time wasting post of the day!!!!  Next appt is at 315 today.  Think dilation!!!  :)

Only a few days left of Emma being our only obsession!

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