Monday, May 5, 2014

Surprise Mini Vacay

You know when your DH says "wanna do something crazy?" normally you're like oh goodness.

Friday DH said that exact phrase but my response was actually "YES".  I went into this knowing I could completely veto any idea, but what came out of his mouth was pure genius!!!

"We're gonna go to the beach tomorrow"

ummmmmmmmmmmmmm YES PLEASE!  

So Saturday morning we woke up, over packed way too much and forgot some essentials (like normal), but it was the BEST TIME!

We played on the beach, walked the boardwalk, ate food that was bad for us, HAD ICE CREAM!, and even got scopes :)

Emma liked playing in the sand.  You have to watch out, or she'll eat it, but I was very happy with the response.  Pool time wasn't a complete success, but the 5 screaming splashing kids in the tiny indoor pool didn't help either!

here are some pics of our little family's got me really excited for Beach Week 2014! (82 days away)

yes, that's me in the background enjoying the sun!  The only thing that makes me a tiny bit nervous was walking the boards at 18 weeks pregnant wasn't the EASIEST, so walking the boards at 30 weeks pregnant, should be interesting. :)
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