Wednesday, November 6, 2013

207 Days

Yesterday Emma was 207 days old.  She had only breast-milk for 206 days of her life.  She's had fruits and veggies, but never the dreaded FORMULA!

Well, yesterday, I gave her the unspeakable.  I supplemented my breast-milk with formula. You wanna know what happened?  She drank it like nothing happened and was happy go lucky like she always is.

Worst part?  I still feel guilty about it.  Why is there such a stigma?  I happen to know many people who gave formula to a baby their whole life and the baby is perfect.  I know many people who never touch the stuff and their baby is perfect too.

I think I was just worried that she would hate it, or have a bad reaction.  Now, mind you it's only day 2, but so far so good.

Best part?  LESS STRESS!  I don't have to worry with every pumping session about how much is coming out.  Obviously I'll be giving Emma every drop of BM, but if I need to add an ounce to get her really full and happy, I'll add a freakin ounce!

That's all.

Final thoughts.........I'm sharing this because it's a good thing.

My baby is almost 7 months old and I'm still breastfeeding and going strong and I am very very proud of myself for that, because IT AIN'T EASY. I'm giving myself a break and probably making Emma happier, because she gets extra food. If you've ever met my child, she isn't shy about eating.

I might be taking my first work trip next week.  100% of me doesn't want to go and just stay with Emma, but 75% of me wants to go too.  It's a strange feeling.  If I'm being really honest, the thought of a night with no chance of waking up to a crying baby or a happy baby at 5am sounds amazing. It's just 1 night.  I love her, but mommy needs her sleep.  DH is very supportive, but obviously it's scary the first time home alone, I know I was petrified myself!  We all survived and we'll keep surviving with every new adventure.

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