Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Converted to Consignment

When I was first pregnant I wanted everything NEW!

I now have a 7 1/2 month old child and the 3 things I bought consignment were $5, $10, $10 and they are 3 of the best things I have ever bought!

$5 - Johnny Jumpup  (retail for about $39.99)- Just washed the inside lining (which i will add was a b*tch to get out, but worth it)  then wiped down the plastic - GOOD AS NEW!

and she freaking loves this thing.  It's also nice because I can put it in the doorway of the bathroom while I am taking a shower. I can peak out to see her, she can still move around, but is still safe.

$10 - Plastic Car (retails for $40) - I will wipe it down, but it was cold so I just put a blanket down.  It has a seat belt, so she isn't at risk of falling out.  We've only taken 1 ride, but she seemed to love it :)

$10 - Safety 1st Bath Seat (retails for $49.99) - it got a very very good cleaning when we got it, for obvious reasons.
Not into posting bathtime pics, but it makes life so much easier!!! She loves bathtime and with this I can rest my elbows on the nice shelf and she can have a little more freedom by sitting up.

I won't buy just anything consignment, but I'm a total believer now!  If it's made of plastic and can be cleaned, I'll take a look.  Emma is also growing so much so fast, it's hard to keep up and if I bought everything she could want new, I'd go broke!!!

And here are some more pics, just because she's so freakin cute!

PS. We just went to the doctor and she is officially 18 lbs! :)
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