Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Christmas Season

I'm sure as all people know, the weeks leading up to Christmas are crazy busy with holiday parties, shopping, wrapping, baking and everything else under the sun....therefore I don't feel bad for a short post this week.

Emma is officially 8 months old!  She went to see Santa yesterday.  DH was really into it and I was honestly dreading it.  I thought she was going to scream and cry and I just didn't want to put her through that.  We decided to go ahead and do it anyway and boy was I wrong!  She did great.  True after about 3 minutes of 20 pictures and sitting on his lap she started to get a little upset, but I swooped her right up before a tear came out of those pretty baby blues. We actually ended up buying the digital cd, because there were so many good pictures. See:

We head back to Scranton for Christmas on Monday, than do our annual Christmas morning trek to Coatesville to my parents house for the night, than back home!  It's a lot, but I love family time and holiday celebrations.  

I struggle with thinking about the future and wanted Emma to wake up in her own home on Christmas morning, but I think I'll save that debate for a future date :)  

What else............we got to celebrate Savannah's 2nd birthday and that was a lot of fun to see Emma and her cousin McKenna interacting really for the first time together since they can both finally sit up.  It makes me very excited for the future!

Back to holiday planning for me......... Until Next time!

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