Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Emma's Favorite Things

I see "favorite things" blog posts all the time. I think they are so helpful to get real life perspectives on things, because there are soooo many choices out there.

I actually based part of my baby registry off of someone else's favorite things post. :)  A lot of these I'm sure you've seen before 1,000 times, but it doesn't hurt to have one more opinion.

So in the spirit of sharing, here are the things that have gotten us through the first "almost" 8 months of Emma Jean's Life....

1 - MAM Pacifiers - we tried 3 or 4 kinds and she didn't like any of them, until we tried these.  To this day, Emma hasn't met a MAM she didn't like :)

2 - Swaddle Me Blankets - Excuse my french, but it is a hell of a lot easier to use one of these babies when you're baby is screaming at 2 am, rather than trying to fold one yourself.

3 - Aden & Anais - When you actually do want to use the blankets, these are awesome!  Soft and breatheable. And cute designs :)

4 - Tommee Tippee - Full Disclosure - I never tried any other bottles.  But these did work great. I think the fact that they are a little fatter helps Emma hold them herself.

5 - Sheep Sound Machine - I like this, because you can adjust the sound, it plays for 45 minutes (or shorter) and they are white noise sounds.

6 - BUMBO - For some reason, Emma doesn't mind sitting in this thing as long as she is around us.  She gets fussy if we put her in her bouncy seat, her walker or her high chair, but as long as she is in this thing, she seems to be OK. I will say it is better to get the one with the strap, we strap her in all the time now, because she wiggles out of it trying to reach for different things.

7 - Vick's Humidifier - We had a different humidifier, but we wanted one you could add vicks to when a little cold comes on.  It also pumps out warm vapors, rather than cold.

8 - Johnny Jumpup - I just posted about this, but honestly it's a life savor when you have to shower or do something when little babe can't crawl yet, but doesn't want to be stationary.  I highly recommend it!

There are many other things, but these are just a few of the staples!  I can also tell you Pampers Swaddlers were our diapers of choice, Similac Organic is our Formula of choice and Sprout Just brand is our baby food of choice.

Bring on the Christmas Season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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