Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ready for Vacation

So, Saturday starts vacation! Personally, I can't wait.  It will be Emma's first vacation!  First trip to OCMD! First time seeing the Ocean!  I may cry :)  We've been going to OCMD with my extended family since I was 2 weeks old.  That means, this will be my 30th family vaca to OCMD in a row!  There are anywhere from 15 - 30 of us every year.  This year I think there will be about 17 ppl there?  Actually a small turn out this year.  My sister and her family won't be there for the first time!  She just had baby girl #2, so it's just too much right now. (tear)

Anyway, DH and I started packing last night.  We already have our 2 biggest suitcases packed and we haven't even started on baby stuff.  Unfortunately we are BOTH over packers, but at least that means neither one of us gets upset at the other for wanting to take everything but the kitchen sink. 

Yesterday DH woke up and could barely talk.  Before having Emma he would REFUSE to go to the doctor, but fortunately baby girl has made him be proactive. Turns out he has laryngitis. Thank goodness he went when he did as he is now on meds and it is getting better already!  He hasn't been able to hold and cuddle our little love muffin for two days (he was away the day before), so I have a feeling tonight (not contagious anymore) she may be getting smothered a bit.  

Here we are a few days ago:

My baby is getting big so fast!  I'm enjoying every second of it.  

Here is her update!
Age: 15 Weeks (tomorrow)
Weight & Height: Next appt. is in August.
Things I enjoy: I love slobbering and sticking out my tongue.  Bathtime is awesome and I still love my play mat.  I started sucking my thumb too and I even spit out Mr. Binks (my pacifier) to get my thumb in there.  Mommy and Daddy aren't sure what to think of it, but there's nothing they can do to stop me!
Skills I've mastered: Bedtime routine!  I sleep for 9-10 hours almost every night. Mommy is very proud of me.  I am also starting to grab the toys on my playmat.  I don't use my hands that much, but i'm working on it more and more everyday. 
Looking forward to: Being able to grab onto my toys and rolling over one of these days.  I think it's gonna happen soon.
Tough Times: I have been having blowouts daily at daycare.  Mommy and Daddy had to throw out my outfit from Tuesday because I got stains all over it that didn't even come out in the wash.  I also still don't love tummytime, but it is getting a little easier. 
Exciting Events: Seeing the ocean for the first time!  I can't wait to go for walks on the boardwalk.

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