Tuesday, February 10, 2015

200th Post

Crazy,  200 times I've shared a little bit of my heart on this thing.  As a young girl I wrote in a journal from the time I was in 5th grade, all the way through college.  It has given me such peace and let it all out.  I definitely don't let it all out on here, but sharing fun times and tough times does lessen the weight on my shoulders from time to time.  I plan on burning those old journals one day soon ;)

Anyway,  it's funny how God works in mysterious ways.  Last night was not a good night.  My children, bless their hearts, are trying to kill me. I'd like to share my night:

1:30am - Matthew wakes up and is UP
3:08am - After 2 nursing sessions a whole lot of rocking and a full bottle - He's back down
4:00am - Emma wakes up and is PISSED
4:35am - After trying to get her to go back to sleep she decides she would like to just sleep next to mommy
4:45am - She actually falls asleep after mommy continuously pushing her head down onto the pillow from climbing ontop of me.
5:35am - Matthew wakes up

Ok kids, you win.  I lose........again.   If you think this was a one time occurrence, you are sadly mistaken...strike that.....really we're all sad about it haha

So this morning I was obviously kind of tired and wondering to myself, can I last?  Will I be able to keep doing this without actually having a mental breakdown?


I go on and read my usual blogs (they are listed on the right side of the screen) but I also have secret stash of blogs.  Click on The Great Adventures of Big G, Middle G & Little G! and you'll see she has her own favs, which I read all of too!  Well, Kelly's Korner, had a post today titles "Heart Talk".  She recently got preggo with baby #3 and already has 2 little girls that are close together.  At the end of her post she talked about how hard it was with the two small kids and pretty much just said things that I was currently feeling and then she said "it gets better". Yeah, everyone says it gets better, but reading that today was just something my soul NEEDED. I'd like to think maybe God helped her write that post just for me........and it makes me smile and I know I can do it.  I might forget again tomorrow morning at 1:00 am, but right now it helps make the day a little brighter.

Until Next time!

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