Thursday, December 18, 2014

These Days

These days things seem crazy.  I feel like we are trying to get some type of schedule happening and it's working little by little.  I'll take every inch I can get.  

Our schedule seems to be working more on weekday nights.  Emma gets home around 530 - 600pm and we have dinner together. After dinner is cleanup time and playtime.  
Bathtime starts around 730 pm for Emma
( a little later than before because she's getting a little older).
While one of us bathes and puts Emma to bed the other has Matthew and he gets bathtime after Emma.  
Emma normally is asleep around 800 - 815pm and Matthew has been starting to go to sleep around 830 - 900 pm.
Even though the kids go to bed later, we still don't get to sleep around 10 - 11pm because after bedtime then comes cleanup again and folding the laundry we couldn't get to, actually having adult conversations and taking care of all the other odds and ends we couldn't do with two kids to take care of at the same time.  I think it's working though.

So Emma and I had our first baking experience.  Did I talk about this already?  I don't think so, but I definitely fulfilled a dream I'm not sure I knew I had.  Baking with her was SO FUN!  I hope she liked it even half as much as I did.  We had matching aprons that she loved and she loved putting the ingredients in the bowl.  She was even very good at not touching the KitchenAid while it was on.  

 Best part - tasting the fruits of your labor!

Our Brother-in-law, Tom, called us up and said he had a john deere tractor that his son (our nephew) had outgrown and wondered if we wanted it............UM YES!


Emma isn't really sure if she likes it or not and I'm pretty sure DH and I had more fun pushing the pedal instead of Emma, but hopefully by the spring she'll have her confidence up and be able to move around the yard.  Ugh, it was ridiculously cute.

Emma is as always obsessed with her brother and loving that we are letting her hold him more.  She always wants to hug him.  She's growing up so much and still learning new words on a daily basis.  Her current obsessions are saying bottle and apple.  I'm not sure if Apple was the first word they learned at school but she says it extremely clearly all the time.

She has also started yelling HI DADDY or HI MOMMY when she sees us.  Nothing is better than that.

Matthew is still growing like a weed.  He's in about 6-9 month clothes...YIKES!  He is also growing so much.  He smiles all the time and has become less cranky when he's awake.  He is starting to like his playmat (slowly) and also starting to be able to sit in a chair for a little while without being bounced or vibrated.  He is also "talking" up a storm.  If you talk to him he will normally goo goo and ga ga right back at you.  He is getting very good at going to sleep right around the same time every night and going back to sleep after each feed.  He's waking up at 530am for the day these days which isn't my favorite but at least I get to hang out with Emma before daycare because of it.

Only 11 days until daycare starts.  I'm happy and a little sad.  It's easy to take these days for granted, but I am excited to get back into the adult world.  Hopefully we can get some sort of morning routine together.  I'm fortunate to have a husband that is able and willing (more important) to help me out.  We'll see how it works and I'm sure I'll blog about it too.

I don't think I'm going to cry this time at daycare.  We have a familiar face in Matthew's room and I trust her 100% completely so we shall see.  I also didn't think I would cry when we left him overnight, but I did shed a few tears.  Hopefully Emma will distract me at dropoff so I don't embarrass myself like I did with her.  The waterworks were going strong at her first dropoff.

I already have an overflowing plate awaiting me at work, which I think is another godsend.  I'd rather be too busy than have too much freetime to think about baby boy.  

We head up to DH's neck of the woods on Sunday for the Christmas vacation.  He is actually taking a few days off of work as well so I'm excited to spend some time together as a family.  Maybe we'll even get a night out when Grandma and Grandpa watch the babes.  Then we will head down to my family's house on Christmas morning.  A tradition DH and I have had for about 4 - 5 years now and very happy to keep it going.  Christmas breakfast is one of my favorites and Christmas dinner with about 30 of us is always overwhelming in the best way!

Until Next time...........

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