Friday, November 7, 2014

40 days

Age: 40 days - Just about 6 weeks
Weight & Height: I haven't been weighed again since my last appointment, but mommy thinks I'm definitely still growing upward and outwards :) 
Things I enjoy: I love "snacking".  I could "snack" all day!  I also love to nap and ride in the car.  I still love bathtime.
Skills I've mastered: I  just mastered sleeping in my crib!!!!!!! I did it for 2 nights in a row.  Last night I slept for 6 hours straight in my crib so momma definitely thinks I'm a master.
Looking forward to: Smiling and laughing.  Emma had given momma and daddy and smile by now so I'm hoping to get one out soon!  Holding my head up all the time all by myself.
Tough Times: It's still hard sometimes to figure out why I'm so upset sometimes and that is the toughest for mommy.
Exciting Events: This week has been very exciting.  I got to go up to grammy and grandpop's house and spend the night from Sunday to Wednesday!!!!  Grammy gave me baths and I got to see some doggies in real life up close.  I got to meet my great grandmother and my great great aunt mad's.  I also got to meet some other family members that really wanted to meet me.  It makes mommy feel very special and good that everyone loves me so much.  Emma had a great time too because she loves grammy.  She told me how fun grammy makes bathtime and she was right.  I also got to see my Aunt Brookie, Savannah, McKenna, Uncle Jason and Sam again.  Last week I also got to see Uncle Dan again when he came down to DC for work.   
Looking forward to: Thanksgiving!!!! I will really get to meet a lot of new people then.  I hope I don't get overwhelmed, but I think it'll be great.  

Soooo, last night Matthew slept for 6 straight hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YAY!!!  

DH has been in Vegas since's Friday.  I'm dying :)  Yes, I can handle it, obviously as we are all still living, but life is definitely easier with your other half.  It's nice to just have that person that understands you to be there when you just need to vent and roll your eyes and grab your 1 year old before they jump off the couch or roll down the stairs while the other parents is feeding the baby. haha.

There were tears and yelling and a few times I wish I could have been a little more patient, but everything is a learning experience.  Emma is just the sweetest big sister though.  Any time Matthew cries she brings him a pacifier, a blanket, a toy, she pats and him just stays near him.  Sometimes she just decides to cry right along with him.  It melts my heart :)

Last Sunday I had to run a field hockey meeting with two children in tow.  Fortunately Emma decided to be a complete ANGEL while we were there and didn't say a peep.  She just sat on her blanket, ate her lunch and a few extra snacks (haha) and watched PEPPA PIG.  There was also an unlimited amount of people who were willing to help me with Matthew.  My friend Katie was a godsend and pretty much took care of him the whole time.

What else.........Emma is talking up a storm these days.  She repeats everything and tries to say all kinds of words, which kind of works most of the time :)  and Halloween happened.  We had Dorothy and a cowardly lion.  We took Emma to the neighbors houses and she seemed to love it.  She didn't totally get it, but loved putting the candy in her bucket.  She also got to try her first milky way and reese's pb cup.  She liked the milky way better, which is a surprise, but we won't be making that a habit (too much).

Here are some pics.......

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