Monday, November 24, 2014

8 Weeks

Age: 8 Weeks
Weight & Height: I haven't been weighed again since my last appointment, but mommy thinks I'm definitely still growing upward and outwards. I will get weighed next week and Mommy thinks I'm at least 15 lbs already. Just like a Thanksgiving Turkey! 
Things I enjoy: I love bath time.  I really enjoy my bouncy chair.  I LOVE TO EAT and I love to be held all the time.
Skills I've mastered: I have mastered SMILING!!!  It made mommy and daddy so happy when I did it the first time so I keep doing it to keep them making funny faces and talking to me all the time.  I've also mastered officially the crib.  I sleep no where else when at home.  I also have mastered one long night stretch.  Normally I sleep from around 10pm to 4am every night (give or take).
Looking forward to: Laughing and sleeping through the entire night.
Tough Times: It's still hard sometimes to figure out why I'm so upset sometimes and that is the toughest for mommy. I'm also not a huge fan of long car rides like Emma used to be.  It's tough since we have to drive so long to Grandma and Grandpa's house sometimes. 
Exciting Events: The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming!  I cant wait for Thanksgiving and christmas where I get to be loved and snuggled up al the time.    
Looking forward to: Seeing how much I've grown at my next appointment and spending the night with Grammy and poppy while Mommy and Daddy go to Pittsburgh next weekend.  Mommy is a little nervous to be away from me, but she's also super excited to get away for a night.  I keep trying to tell her I'll be perfectly fine, but sometimes she just worries for no reason.

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