Tuesday, August 12, 2014

32 Weeks

                32 weeks with Matthew                                        32-33 weeks with Emma

I seem happier the second time around, hahaha, or maybe just more awake.  Can't tell if I look bigger,smaller or the same.

Just a quick update with some pics.

This week as been crazy so far.  Emma got Hand, Foot & Mouth disease, so she's been out of school since Thursday, and can't go back until this Friday.

Fortunately Chris' parents came down and can watch her this week so we don;'t have to take off more work!

She seems better, but she did get the fever and the bumps. I'm hoping it's away for good now!

I'm 32 Weeks and 3 days. Nothing much has changed since my last appointment, except I'm hot ALL THE TIME.  I wake up sweating every night and at work, I'm like, turn up the air.  Everyone else thinks its freezing in the office, but I'd take an igloo to work in these days.

what else what else.......One fun thing with the in-laws being here is DH and I get to go out to dinner tonight.  Emma has been a riot for her grandma and grandpa.  She seems to love an audience and I have no idea who she got that from ;)

Matthew's room is done!  Just bought the clock and finished the dresser to make it complete.  Now all we need is diapers and a baby to fill it with. hahaha.  And some clothes may help, but I do have a few outfits to get us started.

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