Friday, March 14, 2014

What's New?

So I told you all the good news, then disappeared for a few days :)

This is my last week in my first trimester and I already have a c-section scheduled in SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!  THAT SOUNDS SO CLOSE!  I'm not 100% getting a c-section, but having the babies so close together and having a c-section the first time, we are erring on the cautious side.  There is an imaginary 18 month cutoff line between pregnancies if you have a c-section because if you don't heal than you could have a uterine rupture (look it up). haha. Well, September will be right on the edge of 18 months, so since I'm no a huge risk taker, I'll probably play it safe, but if everything is progressing well and looking good before my surgery date than we may just roll the dice and see how it goes.  Since my first c-section was more a reaction to the pitossin and not because of me or the baby, it's not so definite that it will happen again. Only time will tell!

Looking back at posts from my first pregnancy it's funny to see me say that I can't wait to get a baby bump when I was 11 weeks the first time.  Wait to get a baby bump??  It's already there now!

That was from last weekend.  I could probably be exercising more and eating better, but I could be worse too.  Just trying to enjoy this pregnancy even more than the first time.

We also had some visitors last weekend!  Emma's cousins (McKenna and Savannah) came for the night with my sister and they had so much fun together!

We even went the aquarium the next day and although it was crazy packed, we still had tons of fun.

Emma's new favorite thing is riding in her car and falling asleep!  We went for a walk the other day and this is what I found as I looked down and we were almost home.  Fortunately it has a strap, becuase I thought she was gonna fall out of it a couple of times.  hahaha.  Good info for any days that she doesn't want to nap though, because this seems fail proof!

My little baby girl is now 11 months old!  1 month until her first year of life has been completed. 

She is the best part of my days and I am the luckiest mommy alive for getting her as a daughter.  I've officially gone to 4 days back to work now.  I'll miss our Mondays, but I love her daycare and know that she is in good hands.  

Until Next Time!

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