Tuesday, May 14, 2013

1 Month!

Age: 1 month
Weight & Height: At my 1 month appointment I was 22 inches long and 10 lbs. 1 oz.  Mommy and the doctor were very happy with my weight gain. I am in the 75th percentile of both height and weight.
Things I enjoy: Being held and sleeping during the day. I love my vibrating bassinet. I like being on my tummy for small periods of time.
Skills I've mastered: Burping :) and I'm getting better at holding my head up.  I do it better when I'm on mommy's shoulder, but I also do it at tummy time.
Looking forward to: Smiling at mommy and daddy on purpose.
Tough Times: Nights are still tough, but getting better. I normally have one 3 to 4 hour stretch and then one 2 to 3 hour stretch.   Sometimes when I cry, mommy and daddy don't know why I'm upset and that is a tough time too.
Exciting Events: I got to spend a whole afternoon and evening with Grammy and grand pop smith while mom and dad went to a wedding.  Excited to see grand mom and grand pop Moher and meeting more family and seeing the lake house over Memorial Day!
Looking forward to: Growing more and sleeping through the night more and smiling

Here are some pics....

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