Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Matthew Francis Moher

Long time no write!

Life's been obviously crazy lately.  Little man did not come on his own like I had originally hoped, so we had a scheduled C-Section on Monday, September 29th and it couldn't have gone smoother.

I have to admit, getting a spinal tap is WAY easier than getting an epidural.  Not sure why, but it didn't hurt in the least.

It was quite freaky walking back to the operating room and hopping up onto the table myself, but just like the first time, all of my doctors were amazing.  The same doc performed the procedure, but my anesthesiologist was different and just as great as the first one.

Matthew Francis Moher was born at 9:43am.  Before they started the doctors asked me how big I thought he would be.  I said 10 pounds and they all laughed saying no way.  Well little man turned out to be 11 lbs on the dot! Even though they did a c-section they still had to use a vacuum to get him all the way out. It was crazy the second time, kind of knowing what going to happen and being a lot more aware than the first time.

He popped out and he was a beautiful 21 inches long.  99th percentile in measurements obviously, and he is perfect.

When he came out his blood sugar was on the low side because of his size so the nurses in recovery made me stick him right on for a feeding even though my shakes had not gone away.  That was probably the worst part of the whole process, because all you hear is NICU and you're trying to feed your minute old baby while about 5 nurses are around staring at you.  It all worked out in the end.  He got about 10 ml of formula to help, but that seems to be all he needed.

Matthew had is 2 week checkup today and he's already back to pretty much his birth weight.  10 lb. 15.5 ounces and he's already 23 inches long!!!

He's a little yellow still, but no one is worried as he's eating and going to the bathroom very regularly.

It's a happy thing to know that eventually you forget how hard the first weeks of nights are, unfortunately we are right in the thick of it right now. I know it'll get easier, but when you've been up for 4 hours at 3 am it's hard to keep your cool.

Emma absolutely loves her little brother so far, she loves kissing and hugging him.  He's met all of the Smith side and Grandmom and Grandpop Moher along with Uncle Tom, Jen and Connor.  Aunt Amanda and Uncle Dan are coming down this weekend for a visit and hopefully a meeting with the rest of the family isn't too far behind.

HOpefully it isn't as long before my next post, it's just so easy not to find the time right now.  here are so pics of the little man!!

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